Monday, April 2, 2012

One Big Bug.

I got up around 9:30am and began baking snickerdoodle cookies for my writing group at my place of employment, and I also cleaned the kitchen while I did that. All of that took me until about 12pm when I finally sat down and rested for a few minutes before I began getting ready for work. I would have to say that work went very well, with very few problems and the SED's were in relatively good space most of the time and followed directions from us well. And I finally once again got to work with competent, intelligent, and wonderful staff which was such a relief. In regards to my title, when I came home and began putting everything away I walked into the kitchen and began looking or any bugs, cockroaches in particular since they like to "hang out" in the kitchen apparently in the dark. So I couldn't see anything and I was happy, and then I noticed this big blob like thing on the floor. I took a step closer at first convinced that it couldn't be a bug, but then I saw the antennae moving and got seriously grossed out. That sucker was almost two inches long! I put it into a plastic bag, so I can show my landlord tomorrow about it, and hopefully I will get the small problem eliminated. I'm not very fond of having cockroaches of that size in where I live. Almost sounds like some sort of horror film. Days off are here! And now to relax a little, but I have a very busy plate tomorrow and the rest of this week so that will be unlikely.

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