Thursday, April 26, 2012

Of Fantasy and Fathers.

I'm fairly certain that today was very productive. Granted I didn't get much writing done per se, but I did begin to re-design and re-edit the pages on my website about The Tale of 3 Brothers story and that took roughly forever, or rather much longer than I thought that it would. In anticipation for the second part of the story I thought that a brush up on the old stories would be a good thing, but I still need to go through all 38 chapters and edit the content now that I have done the design. Yuck. I am formulating a lot of plans for the final part of the story and it will be nice to see the entire thing come to an after three years since its inception (give or take a few months). Of all the films that I could have watched, I decided to watch "Romulus, My Father" which stars Eric Bana, Marton Csokas, Franka Potente, and Kodi Smit-McPhee. It's a story about a father who tries to take care of his son in 1960's era Australia because his wife's essentially a nutter and goes off with other men compulsively and has long bouts of melancholia and self-indulgence. Everyone I mentioned above delivered a fantastic performance, and this was a very well done film which was apparently adapted from a book based off the real live people that the son wrote about. The son in reality eventually became a writer and philosopher; apparently all of the crap that happens in life can occasionally have a purpose (although I will never try to dismiss the pain it takes to get to that purpose). Eric Bana plays a good father, although there is this one truly frightening moment in the film where he's about to ax his son in a fit of rage. Marton Csokas played the kind, good, and loving uncle that took care of everybody; a good role for him. This man can play both villains and good guys very well. It's not a film that I would watch very often or much, but I'll give it a "Strong Ability" because of the excellent characters, powerful story, and good acting along with all of the other pertinent technical attributes of a good film. Speaking of crazy people, I get to go to work tomorrow and see all of the crazy SED's off to school and hope that none of them try to pummel each other with a tire iron like before. Have a fantastic weekend everyone, hopefully I will.

Romulus, My Father Trailer

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