Saturday, April 21, 2012

"The Lannisters Always Pay their Debts."

So I took my mother back to the airport and eventually later on in the evening I received a text that she landed safely back in Illinois, probably thrilled to death that she is back in her own home once more, just as I am thrilled to have my apartment all to myself once again. Perhaps since I have been living on my own, I must be used to having things a particular way and when things aren't done that way I might get a little.....irritable. Anyways. The remainder of the day was relaxing and uneventful. I watched some more from Game of Thrones and I must admit that it has immensely grown on me. My favorite character so far is Tyrion Lannister. The man is witty, humorous, sympathetic and aside from being completely immoral isn't vicious or seemingly cruel despite being treated thus by others, who pretend to be quite moral. An interesting thought isn't it? The character I've enjoyed is Daenery's Targaryen. From the first episode to the sixth, she has grown so much, and I think I can see where the author is going with the story and it is looking rather good so far. I'm liking the plots, twists, turns, and intrigue thus far. I also like the rich history and culture behind everything George Martin did an excellent job with all of the background and what not. There is a good amount of bonus information on the DVD's about the history of the world, people, and the various houses and kingdoms. It's a shame however, that the show has to be loaded with so much unnecessary sex and nudity; it doesn't really further any of the stories along at all. For a fantasy series, I am finding it very enjoyable aside from a raw heart being consumed and a horse being grisly decapitated. Now only magic needs to be utilized. My vacation is now officially over as I return to work tomorrow. Hopefully there won't be a huge mess for me to clean up as I heard there were some difficulties during my absence. Have a great rest of the weekend everyone.

The intro for Game of Thrones. At first I wasn't very keen on the intro or the music, but now after listening and watching it a number of times, I really, really enjoy it and it also seems to fit quite well for a period fantasy story.

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