Sunday, April 1, 2012

Incompetent & Incomprehensible.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I am tired of working with lazy, incompetent, and weird people. I walk into work pretty much straight into a crisis, and the individual who was handling it wasn't doing a very good job and was only making the situation worse moment by moment. After being asked a second time, by me, to not talk with her until after this SED calmed down, he finally stopped addressing her and low and behold she calmed down relatively quickly and didn't have any further difficulties for the rest of the shift. He mind you has been working there far longer than me, and yet he couldn't figure out how not to make the situation worse, and continued to escalate the SED until I stepped in and was able to calm her down. Some people don't have a clue, and then some people are just plain stupid; I seem to be running into those a lot lately, which has been very vexing. Later on (after the Incompetent staff left) I had another SED have problems which included tantrumming and what not, and the staff who I left in there to deal with her, couldn't even manage her. It was ridiculous. Her stupidity really seems incomprehensible to me, as does the other staff; one just became a father, and the other is getting her Master's degree and then wants to get her Ph.D. Both are very scary to think about. Oh and to top it all off, when I walked into my kitchen I found a rather large cockroach trying to scurry away from the faucet; fortunately I eliminated him before he got away. Definitely will be something to talk with my land lord about tomorrow. Well Happy April Fool's Day, although I didn't do one thing to try and fool someone today, or even play a joke because I was so busy. Life really sucks; can't wait to get to what lies beyond afterwards.

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