Saturday, April 7, 2012

In Christ Alone.

Easter Sunday is not a celebration that everyone will or does celebrate for their own reasons, but for me I do celebrate it. I hope and wait for what comes after my life on this planet is over, and Jesus gives that to me. For everyone else, I hope all of you are at peace with the decisions you made and are making as I am. Easter is a case for celebration for those who believe in Jesus Christ, but it is also a sober reminder about what he endured for us to receive the opportunity of eternal immortality with Him. So tonight in keeping with that sentiment, I watched The Passion of the Christ; Mel Gibson's film. Aside from some theological representations I disagree with, along with some artistic ones as well, it was a good film. It depicts well the physical suffering that Jesus went through. When he received his lashes, I could watch that unaffected, but when it came time to pounding the nails through each of his hands, and then his feet to the cross I couldn't watch a single part of the scene. My new sound system made it harder to even listen to. I've been reading the Biblical Gospels lately and am in Mark right now, and after reading Matthew and now Mark and seeing this film, everything seems more real and is put into such perspective. I pity the people like Judas and the religious leaders that put Jesus' vicious death in motion, but without their vile participation I'm not certain how Jesus would have been able to do what he needed to. Thank you God for what you and Jesus did; what a thing indeed you did.
Now, my work day was lovely for the most part....I think. I had this one SED tantrum occasionally like she was about to die, and she had some difficulties but after some intervention she was fine. I made blueberry pancakes, sausages, and omlettes for the SED's this morning and all of them thoroughly enjoyed it all. The other highlight of the day was when one SED and I played "Just Dance." I don't know if you can imagine me dancing, but there I was dancing to songs like "Kung Fu Fight," "I'm a Barbie Girl," and some song having something to do with chickens or something like that. I'm certain that I appeared quite ridiculous. Wow what a workout that was, and I did surprisingly good for my first time playing the game. Christ said to love those that hate and despise you, and to pray for those that persecute you; for me, that can be these kids frequently. These kids have taught and continue to teach me so much about life, and what true care and love are. I hope that all of you find peace and genuine love, because one man died so that you may have all of that forever.

A song that I thought would be fitting for this upcoming day.
"In Christ Alone"

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