Thursday, April 5, 2012

"...I Want To See the Light Leave Your Eyes!"

I hate loud neighbors, and wouldn't you know it mine are the loudest in the entire complex. Talk about cruel irony. Anyways. Today was a little more relaxing than yesterday, although my lunch engagement had to cancel yet again, making it I want to say the third time that she has cancelled on me I believe since we have been trying to do this for a couple of months. Oh well, I found other things to occupy my time. I finally found a little bit of time to do some gaming which was a nice little diversion. I also wrote the film review for Wrath of the Titans which fortunately didn't take too long, and I was going to write one for Hugo but I ran out of steam. People in my publisher's PR department contacted me and had me fill out a rather exhausting form with all kinds of questions for the second edition of The Curse of a Warrior. I wrote out a synopsis of the book, which took a while, and based off of that I guess they wrote a small blurb that is supposed to go on the back of the finished book. I haven't a clue how the individual who wrote the blurb for my book makes any money as what they wrote was crap. I virtually had to re-write the entire blurb, and it was of course much better. Sometimes you gotta wonder how less talented people have better paying jobs than people who work harder and are far more talented. One of the SED's is having a birthday party tomorrow and asked me to bake her an angel food cake with strawberries, which I did tonight and of course it came out looking quite....fluffy I guess. Work again this entire weekend, which sucks because I wanted to have Sunday off so I could go to church as my leisure, but if I can corral myself to get up early enough, I can still go. I watched Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire tonight during dinner. I love that film, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Robert Pattinson being in it. Part of what makes it so endearing to me is that it was the last film I saw before I read all of the books, so I really hadn't a clue what was going on and was strung along each moment waiting to see what would happen next. Good memories when I saw that in the theatre back in college with Ryan and John.My favorite scene is of course the graveyard when Lord Voldemort returns; so awesome! Well that's it for tonight. Have a great Easter weekend, or a regular weekend depending on your point of view.

Bel Ami Film trailer. Yes it is just a coincidence that Robert Pattinson is in this film as well, which happens to look rather enticing.

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