Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

Greetings to all you egg hunting, and jelly bean eating people! Although I was hideously evil and slept in late instead of going to church, I don't think that God will strike me down with lightning. While reading the newspaper this morning I put Transformers Prime on since it was on Netflix, and it was actually fairly good. Work was....survivable. One SED went off shortly after me getting there, and another one almost blew up both because of this one staff that simply escalates the SED's and is very loud and obnoxious. I had my worthless staff working with me, but fortunately I also had an intelligent, hardworking, and communicable staff which made the evening go much better than it could have without her. This one SED during her rage of a tantrum literally turned into "The Hulk" which isn't something I've encountered in a while. The thing is that she may be only 11 but she weighs just as much as me if not more (and I ain't no light feather). Eventually though she calmed down and had a good rest of the evening, and overall the SED's did fine except for being their aggravating selves. I hope that everyone had a great day, and holiday with their families if that applies to you. I thank God am almost done with my work weekend, and then I only have to work one more day before my vacation as my mother is coming to visit me! I am very excited.

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