Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dragons and Death.

Well work began bright and early once more this morning, and all of the SED's were up and doing their typical things, which tended to not turn out to be a bad thing. My first tantrum didn't come until much later in the day and there was only a little bit of screaming involved fortunately. I hate screaming, and that is all that needs to be said. It sets me on edge, and irritates me to no end. What sucks is that my vexing neighbor's wretched children are doing just that right now; not my ideal pleasant and relaxing evening. At work I was spending time with one SED (I'm his primary counselor) and we were chatting while he was eating dinner and It told him he could ask me any questions that he'd like. I offered when we first were beginning to know each other, so I was rather curious to see what kind of questions he would ask now that he knew me better. He asked me about my family, my likes and dislikes and other such things. After he was done asking me questions he offered to talk about his family. He went on to talk about his mother (who beat him to a bloody pulp; no exaggeration) his sister, and his father (who had sex with his daughter) who is now in prison. He was very calm when he was telling me all of this, and I asked if he knew why his father was in prison and he very plainly said it was "because he had sex with my sister." I asked him what he felt when he thought about what his father had done, and he replied that he was angry. He also blames himself for what happened. These are the moments when my job is really the one I signed up for; getting to the heart of all the crap in a messed up kid's life and helping he or she through it all. Perhaps this kid will end up in prison, or die because of some sort of gang incident. But maybe he will thrive and grow and perhaps help others, or do something spectacular in life. That is legacy worth working and getting occasionally punched in the face for. After returning home I made some dinner and finished Game of Thrones Season 1. So apparently one season does not equal one book, which could end up meaning that this series is going have many, many seasons yet to come which may or may not be a good thing. These last two episodes certainly did have some surprises in them, but I'm still waiting for some real magic. I was watching some documentaries that were on the DVD and apparently the books are quite voluminous because of all the detail and the amount of characters and sub plots that are going on all at the same time. This I believe is the show's greatest weakness and therefore also the book. I won't go into my literary arguments as to why I believe this, but it makes the characters and the plot of the story weaker because so much time is spent on developing characters and plots that are pretty much useless or don't propel the main plot and story forward along with the main characters. The series is good don't get me wrong (although initially quite slow), but it almost has the makings of a medieval soap opera if you think about it especially with some of the crazy things these characters are doing with and to each other (incest being chief of these). Season 2 looks interesting with some interesting new characters and places, but we'll see how the story and plots go, along with who lives and dies.

Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer

Game of Thrones Season 1 Documentary

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