Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Day of Rest.

Despite being on vacation, lately I and my mother have been so busy doing stuff and going places where we haven't taken the time to simply relax and do nothing, so thus that is what we did today. Got up slowly this morning and did some baking for breakfast and then did some stuff followed by some more stuff, and then a nap and then nothing, and then I can't remember and so forth and so on. It was essentially a very boring, but relaxing day. Tomorrow is when we get back to the business of doing stuff. I have found it a little difficult with my mother being that we have different tastes in so many things, film and shows being the major on. She was upset that Captain America had foul language in it, so thus I have to be mindful to not select any form of media entertainment that might possess any kind of foul language, sexual content, anything overly violent, and nothing dark or depressing. Considering that I tend to prefer the dark and ignore the rest of the stuff that she dislikes so much when it is present in a film or show, I am very limited. Tonight I was striving to find something to watch that I wanted to watch that she wouldn't mind watching, I was mostly unsuccessful so we watched nothing really. I did however find a moment to begin writing something completely new and exciting, and despite being a fantasy story (which I always tend to find myself doing) I think it has the potential to be something very, very good. It isn't going to be an epic book, but rather an epic small series I think, or at least that is what I am hoping for. I could do so much more writing if I didn't have my job, but if I didn't have that then I wouldn't have much at this moment. I should have just taken a week off and just write; perhaps I'll do that next time. I guess I just like the idea of being home on vacation and not worrying about having to go into work. My dream job is being a full time writer making good money and working from my own home; that would be sweet. Now I just have to work on finding out how I am going to find my ideal home, and how I am going get to that point in my writing where I am financially supporting myself with it. Perhaps I will just get lucky, which is something I will definitely we able to live with. Well, it's been fun and real. Take care, enjoy your week as I hope you all have been so far. Oh, one solemn note to end with. Everyone needs to pray and hope for the people of Syria; those people keep dying and getting irreparably wounded day by day and no one is doing anything about aside from saying "stop, you naughty boy" (in a manner of speaking of course). Those people need true friendship, and a lot of care and prayer; hopefully someone will answer their unspoken pleas of help.

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