Friday, April 20, 2012

Close to Avenging.

Well it is my mother's last night in San Diego, and then tomorrow she will be returning to Illinois to resume her day to day life, and thus I will be doing the same.  It was lovely to have my mother here, but it was time for her to leave and return to her own place and do things the way that she usually does so that I can do the same at my apartment. We didn't do much today aside from going out and eating brunch; she made dinner which was salmon, vegetables, biscuits which were all quite yummy. Hopefully I will be able to duplicate her success since my track record cooking fish is rather limited and sometimes not very good. During the afternoon and some of the evening I finished writing and sorting out how I was going to resume and finish my Modern Warfare Series. I was actually surprised how long it took me to figure everything out and connect it all, but I think it will be very, very good when I am finished with it all. There are some surprising turns the plot takes, and the ending isn't the brightest ever, but I love how it all will hopefully come together as I finish writing it. I was able to connect every single story to another on and bring all of the characters together. It is my hope that when I sit down to write it all that it will all make sense like it was in my head when I was coming up with it. I also hope that everyone will enjoy it as well. Now the only roadblock is me sitting down and writing it all, which might be difficult to discipline myself to do, but now that I have a road map to finish it all, I don't think it will be as difficult. We watched Iron Man 2 tonight as I thought it would be amusing and appropriate considering The Avengers will be coming out in a matter of weeks (two I believe). There it is. Have a good night all and continue to pray and think of the people of Syria.

The Avengers Trailer

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