Monday, April 30, 2012

Blah, Yuck, Tired.

It was a very long and busy day. I don't know if I even got a chance to really sit down, breathe and relax. It seemed that I was always constantly prompting, intervening, or doing something related to crisis intervention. No punches were swung at me today, but several SED's were being quite wretched and throwing the most ridiculous tantrums over nothing. I had great help for a good portion of the shift, but it's nothing like it used to be. A bloody shame if you ask me. I am very thankful that my days off are here because I will certainly use them and need them very much so. On a different note. I am uncertain how many of you pay attention or care about international news and how sovereign nations treat their people, but a few days ago a Chinese dissident escaped custody from the oppressive communist Chinese government and is presumed to be hiding in the U.S. embassy in Beijing. The U.S. government has said very little at this time about the matter as has the Chinese government. Chen Guangcheng is a blind man that has one daughter and a wife that stayed behind to aid in his escape from house arrest after four years of prison. Apparently it is quite the Hollywood story how it is described; he scaled a wall for his escape, drove 400 miles to Beijing and went from safe house to safe house until he arrived at the safest place in Beijing which is presumably the U.S. embassy. Why do I mention all of this? Because I believe in the ability for people to have freedom and choice without fear of reprisal. Chinese people are brutally and efficiently oppressed by their government daily, and the entire world looks the other way because of the Chinese military and economy. I am also displeased with how little our government is saying or doing concerning this individual. I am hoping that if he is at our embassy, that the leaders of our country help him out, so he can in turn eventually help the millions of Chinese people who have no hope or concept of freedom

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