Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beach Woes.

You would think that going to the beach would be a lovely affair, and for my mother and I it was for the most part. I actually drove to Coronado island, over the big bridge, through the crazy masses of unintelligible and very slow drivers for the first time ever since I have lived in San Diego. I know I don't get out or to the beach very often, but I really hate driving, but especially around a lot of people. Anyways, so we got there and kind of went through and around the infamous Hotel Del before going to the beach. I can't imagine staying at that place; it's so colossal I'm afraid I could get quite lost, but I bet it would be a lot of fun despite being outrageously expensive. So we went for a nice long walk on the beach. It was very sunny, but somewhat chilly. She didn't bring a bathing suit with her, so I didn't wear one either as I wasn't sun bathing either since I was carrying an umbrella with me. It was a lovely day out and not a lot of people. I disliked the smell of dead fish, but apparently once I was on the beach for a while I forgot it and it didn't bother me anymore. So we walked about for a bit and relax, and then we're heading back to my car to get some stuff, at least that's what I'm thinking, and the next thing I know there is some "friction" between the two of us. Needless to say I did something very much to vex my mother (from what she told me) and eventually I was able to pacify her by buying dinner afterwards and trying to make light and forget the irritable moment, but it was the only one we've had so far so that's good. The rest of the evening was us merely relaxing and chilling. I played a couple of computer games, read the newspaper, and watched some television; but it is so awkward watching anything with my mother. If it has anything sensual or foul language I almost feel her eyes boring into me. Whatever. I would have done some writing, but my computer was slightly occupied and then the moment went away. Very sad. But, here are some of the pictures that I took, and I wish that my mother had taken better pictures of me and I would have posted them, but she has no skill whatsoever with a camera. Three days left; here we go!

 The infamous Hotel Del

U.S. Naval jet flying overhead at the beach. I believe they have a base nearby, and boy was  that plane loud.

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