Sunday, April 22, 2012

At it Again.

Work was exciting as it often can be, except today on my first day back of course we had quite a few of the SED's going off. One of them was acting like a mad fool, and I mean this quite literally. She is truly one of those kids that have nothing going on inside of the cranium. She's going to go grow up and either be in a mental institution most of her life, or be a welfare leech. Another SED popped a kid in the face because "he wanted to"  which is the same SED that picked up a tire iron (he's 9 years old) and threatened to injure or hurt people in the vicinity. Police men had to be summoned to the area and brought him back to our facility in handcuffs. He's another crazy one, except that he's going to be in prison for most of his life if he makes it that long. He's going to hit the wrong person one day and he isn't going to recover so well. The rest of the shift was too bad, but I must admit that I miss my vacation. Oh well, one day left before my days off arrive.

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