Friday, April 6, 2012

And You Thought Your Kids Were Crazy.

I can't really say that my day at work was overly eventful, but I am indeed thankful for that usually. However, one SED did have an....interesting adventure that I wasn't really apart of until later, but the story is worth it all. This one girl went on pass with her brother's foster mother for about a little over a week, at least that was the plan. This girl is almost 9 years old by the way. Anyways, during a disagreement she broke something with shards and chased around the people at the house she was at threatening to kill them, and especially the baby infant because she really hated it. She broke a woman's nose potentially, put holes into the walls, and essentially trashed the place. The police were called and restrained her in handcuffs and almost used a taser because she wouldn't stop freaking out. She was then taken to a psychiatric facility until she arrived back at the group home a little around 12pm. When I was told that, I was trying to be optimistic and hope that she ended up being crazy at the hospital so that they would keep her longer, but it didn't work that way unfortunately. Aside from the SED's occasionally being vexing, nothing else happened. I relaxed when I got back to my apartment and did a whole lot of nothing. Neighbors are still noisy, but at least the bugs seem to be going away. Heard back from my publishers PR department and the Print department as well; needless to say I have a lot of work to do over the weekend....or rather that I should do over the weekend. If everything goes relatively quickly, I should have that 2nd edition out in no time.

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