Friday, March 16, 2012

The Work Goes On.

So the lazy co-worker of mine was actually able to keep up be useful today thankfully; I was lucky this time to not have to do all of the work, or even most. The SED's even had a relatively good day, with only a few bumps throughout the day. Got home and began relaxing. Watched a rather boorish film Practical Magic, and despite the good cast and the fact that there was magic in the film, it wasn't that good. Spoke with my best mate from Montana, who appears to be moving up in his career as a policeman; he's hoping to attain a high position within the county and I know he's going to get it because he is one hell of an officer. Well, the day was ordinary in many regards, but honestly I cannot complain. Wishes that everyone has a good weekend off, or even if you are working have a good weekend. Try not to let the world's troubles drag you under.

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