Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why Didn't I Take the Blue Pill?

Well today I pretty much fell back to my usual routine, and despite being unproductive in the area of writing, I was able to get several other things done. I made a couple loaves of cranberry bread for a co-worker of mine as her stepfather recently died (my heart still goes out to her and her family), and I did some work around the apartment. The good news is I got my Job happy ending today. I received a call from my old apartment complex that the collection agency that demanded that I pay $7,000 was incorrect due to an error on their part, and that everything was going to go away. I was awash with relief, but I did ask twice if there was any chance that anything connected with my old roommate would come back to haunt me again and both times they assured me that there was nothing. With that I breathed a sigh of relief and praised God! Wow, its amazing that it's essentially all over. A few more days and I'll have everything in writing, and concretely cleared away (I still have some reservations about the whole mess being the glass half empty type of person that I am). So that put me in a chipper mood for the rest of the evening, and during dinner I decided to watch a good old classic The Matrix. It astounds me still that after so many years I find that film quite magnetizing, energizing, fascinating, and highly entertaining; that is a good sign of an immortal film which can stand the test of time. One of my favorite scenes is when Morpheus and Neo first meet and they chat; that was incredibly well written dialogue, I hope I can write like that one day. The week went by too fast, and was quite painful but a lot of lessons were learned and I acquired incalculable experience which I believe will aid me in my future journeys. Hope that all of you have an excellent weekend, and that nothing dreadful happens to you like it did me.

Despicable Me 2 Trailer (highly amusing).

Frankenweenie Trailer Tim Burton's new film (looks like it could be fun).

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