Friday, March 2, 2012

Tending the Sick.

Today work kept me on my toes most of the day. Despite having a co-worker with me, I might as well have been working by myself, which for the most part I was. I don't know why some people want a job if they don't want to work. Anyways, one of the SED's was on bed rest because he was sick, and so therefore along with doing all of the paperwork, cleaning, and other such things I was also entertaining this child, and also doing a bit of school with him as well since he was unable to attend. The poor wretch is going to be 10 years old and he can't read, his processing skills are worse than those of a dead man's, and he really can't retain anything really at all. All he wants to do is play, play, play and no work absolutely at all, which I get is most kids of all kinds, but these kind throw vicious tantrums. Just the other day he stabbed a peer of his with a pencil on the tongue or gum making a big hole, all because this peer was "instigating" him. Sometimes I hate my job, which would actually be more than sometimes. The rest of the evening went well. Got home, at some dinner, and relaxed to a few shows. I get to do all of that all over again tomorrow, except for tending the sick hopefully, although I probably will get stuck with the less than satisfactory co-worker that I had today. Oh well, at least I get paid and have a job with health insurance. Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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