Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Temet Nosce.

"Know thyself." Yes I finished off The Matrix Trilogy with Revolutions. All three films are heavily steeped in philosophy, which you can overlook if you simply want to watch the film for pure enjoyment, but I like to see what lies beyond the obvious. I have read a little bit about Joseph Campbell and his work, and if you really want to understand The Matrix and even Star Wars then reading his book series "The Masks of God" which I believe there are about 4 books in the series. They are very comprehensive, very long, and could be construed as exhaustively boring. However, they are a sure way to learn if you are open to the challenge and wish to broaden your mind more. So anyways my day was filled with nothing but boring adventures, although I was able to get a tiny little bit of writing done and some updating work on my website. You know that I am so forgetful that I forgot that my website's 3 year anniversary was last month on the 17th. I guess I'm not that surprised that I forgot; oftentimes I can have a one track mind, which is good for that one thing, but many times everything else falls by the proverbial wayside. I cannot believe that it has been 3 years since I launched my website, and well over a year since I launched my blog. Although my blog is doing far better than my website in numbers, the amount of material on my website has become so voluminous that it is getting increasingly difficult to keep track of it and all the links when I go through and update everything. More countries across the globe have accessed my website, but there have been more hits on my blog. I guess you can't have everything, but give me some time. I think I will celebrate this weekend; I shall have to try to find some people to celebrate with. Well tomorrow might be a little bit more interesting, so on that note I will leave you all. Oh by the way, you should watch the videos below as they are quite thought provoking and cool.

The Matrix Philosophy Documentary.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome Trailer. It looks quite interesting, and since I thoroughly enjoyed the remake of the original series that was on the SyFy channel some years ago, I think I might enjoy this one as well.

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