Saturday, March 10, 2012

Springing Forward.

Yes it is that infamous time of year when all of us set a our clocks and watches (if the average individual still retains any of these medieval devices like me) one hour ahead so that we...don't lose sunlight or something like that. I'm saddened by the loss of sleep that I will have to deal with, but I suppose in order to keep the cosmological calendar from getting too far behind it is the thing to do. My congested nose still remains irritatingly enough, but other than that I am recovered. Colds and what not seem to last longer when a person is older, and they seem to be far worse then when I was a child. Work sucked today. I had this one SED acting like a crazed, murderous punk; fortunately for me I'm a whole lot more intimidating than he is, so he didn't try anything lucky me. However, when I wasn't there he took a chunk of hair out my co-workers head the little.......well, fill in your favorite obscenities or other words that express great displeasure and anger. The useless co-worker was a little better, but honestly I am not in the mood to train a lazy rookie; I got landed that job, and a position that I didn't want and am not getting anymore paid for performing. It sucks, but at least I still make money, live on my own by myself, and can reasonably live as I choose. Everyone out there; we still need to pray and hope for the best in Syria. Those people need so much, and all of the world's politicians on average are too scared of dealing with the situation, not to mention there isn't any oil (or much) there unlike Libya. What a shame; that saving lives has come down to cost-benefit analysis. I wonder if that's what the boy was thinking when a sniper killed his father this past week. It sucks not seemingly be able to do anything to help besides pray, but that seems to be all that I can do besides making people aware of the situation. Try to have a good weekend everyone, and remember to stay informed in what is not only happening in your country, but in the world as well. Dictators and tyrants love ignorant and willing people.

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