Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It was just one of those days today. More bad news on top of more bad news; I am getting so sick of bad news. Bad news in my personal life. Bad news on the political front. Bad news on the economy. Bad news happening in Syria. Bad news is so prevalent right now in the world, that I think we are all ready for some gooey, happy rays of sunshine. Despite all of the bad news, I was able to get some writing done, although it wasn't much because my mind was so distracted I really couldn't focus. Writing can be difficult enough, but when crap is happening all around you it makes it doubly difficult to write. So what else did I do but escape into the world of computer games, television, and candy. Not the most useful sort of behaviors, but when one is coping with life it is best to find coping strategies that aren't.....immediately damaging I suppose. Eating candy every day for the rest of my life wouldn't be a good idea, nor would playing computer games; I really should actually use those things infrequently and I try along with television, but for times like these it cannot be helped. I watched The Matrix: Reloaded since I saw the original either last week or the week before and it was nice to see after so long, despite my irritating Bluray player having some glitches throughout the viewing experience. I really enjoyed that film, with the exception of a number of scenes. Two of my favorite are the scene with the Merovingian - "...Choice is an illusion, created between those with power, and those without..." ".....Action, reaction; causality the only real truth." And then of course the scene with The Architect "...Concordantly, ere go, inexorably...." I suppose some time I'm going to have to watch the 3rd film. A lot of people didn't like the last two films, but I do; all of the philosophical ideas and notions filled in both films are beyond interesting and incredible to ponder. It isn't for everyone though. My Witch story continues to progress, and perhaps if I am able to focus tomorrow I might be able to complete it but I ain't keeping my fingers crossed or anything else for that matter. Concerning the second edition of my first book and the progress that it is making, all I can say is that my publisher is acting very slowly and that I'm about ti lite a fire under their slow acting backsides. It is being set into a text block, and I am soon to be assigned a cover artist for the new cover art which should be quite exciting......whenever I get to that part. Here is hoping for a better tomorrow, and for that soppy, happy laden phrase "I really do want world peace" (that's from Miss Congeniality by the way; very funny movie).

Latest Battleship Trailer. Looks good, almost like Transformers. A Pity though it's about an alien invasion. Can't make anything original.

Behind the Scenes of Making The Matrix: Reloaded the "Architect Scene."

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