Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oozy Liquids.

Well today was mostly lovely. I slept for a nice long time, and it was some of that really good, deep dreaming sleep. Work went quite well, aside from the fierce winds and lots of rain. One of the clients acquired a nose bleed (which she probably inflicted on herself for the attention) and got blood all over the bathroom, and guess who got to clean it up? Me of course, and blood and I don't get along very well. Not even talking about blood and things related to it, and things like get blood drawn go over well with my stomach. I nearly vomited while cleaning up this SED's blood, and I would have if there had been more. Then later on a co-worker of mine was talking about this one show where people have crazy addictions and what not, and she showed me this one about this girl who drinks finger nail polish! Apparently she is down to five bottles or so a day. I haven't a clue how this woman's body can handle consuming that stuff, but from the way she talked and appeared it was obvious that she was doing something. She also showed me a video of this one woman snorting a massive handful of baby powder. And I thought that the SED's that I worked with were weird with highly odd behaviors. What a dark, and strange world this is. Hope everyone had a great weekend, and now it is back to work for the rest of you. Enjoy.

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