Thursday, March 29, 2012

Old Memories.

Since my computer where I do all of my gaming on is at the moment inoperable lest I risk blowing it up in a manner of speaking, I wasn't able to relax entirely the way I was planning on. Instead I loaded music onto my new laptop computer, did some cleaning, and began reading a ridiculous book I got from the library: Deceived. Which is of course a Star Wars book which most likely will end up sucking because the guy who wrote it sounds like a bloody amateur so far, but it looks interesting so I will continue to read it. The bright spot to the day was that when I was perusing Netflix for something musically entertaining I came across this old comedy from the 1970's starring Tim Conway called The Billion Dollar Hobo. Perhaps it doesn't sound overly familiar to many of you, but I grew up watching Tim Conway and this particular film as well. It was a film during a type of era where comedy was clever, witty, and most importantly on average rather clean. Seeing the film again after so many years brought back a lot of good memories from when I was young and was a reminder that my childhood wasn't all that bad despite my perceptions of it at times. I also happened across this documentary series about a previous U.S. Navy SEAL who explores and reviews powerful, cutting edge military weapons from across the world. That was really cool. Ever since my shooting adventure in Montana, I love the idea of shooting guns, and I have always liked blowing things up and thus seeing things get blown up. The rest of the day was uneventful. Getting back into the work saddle again after my days off should be fun, but honestly I can't really complain. I keep working there, and simultaneously continue on with my writing and something will happen in regards to my writing becoming least that is what I hope and pray for.

People Like Us Trailer. Drama/ Comedy that looks fairly interesting.

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