Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Music Lesson.

Well today was filled with a little bit of interesting, muted excitement and boredom. My day began as it usually does, and then later on I went to this jr. high school to see one of the SED's that I work with perform in her music class, and to also chat with her teachers about my book. She actually want's to take the song in the first book and with the assistance of her teachers write music for it. I was there to kind of give moral support and directional advice; it was really an interesting experience to see an abundance of children once again at that age group. What they talk about, how they act, and any other mannerisms that they may possess. Excellent source writing material, especially for that age group. Later on, after I got back to my apartment, I finished watching the last episode of The Borgias season 1 which I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed. Jeremy Irons as Pope Alexander was beyond phenomenal and part of the reason that attracted me to watching the show. An actor that I have grown very fond of is Francois Arnaud who plays Cesare Borgia, the Pope's oldest son. He plays a fantastic character, and he's a very talented actor as well. The remainder of the cast was perfect for their characters, but those two are the main attraction for the show. Not only do I love historical dramas, but there is something about medieval and renaissance Popery that is so very fascinating to me; all of the political intrigue that happens with the Catholic church and the European powers as well. I highly recommend the series to anyone, and it so happens that the second season will soon be upon us, but like the first I will be waiting for it to come out on DVD in Netflix. I also got to watch the first episode of Dexter season 6 on the DVD which was very nice. It has been a long time since I finished watching the 5th season of Dexteri....I think it was back in September of last year. It looks good, but I'm assuming it will be a while before that season is released on DVD as well. I don't know why it takes so long for television shows to be released on DVD than films; I think they do it simply to annoy everyone. I had dinner tonight with a great friend, Tim, who also doubles as my tech support for computers or anything of the like. He was able to diagnose my PC and get to work on the solution for the problem, and he also cleared up my Laptop computer of some unnecessary stuff to speed it up a little. He's a lifesaver and an excellent friend; I firmly believe that everyone needs a good tech friend. So the end of the day approaches, and so thus I must prepare myself for some lovely sleep. Take care world.

The Borgias Season 2 Trailer

The Borgias Documentary

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