Friday, March 23, 2012

In Flux.

Well today went very well, aside for a few shoes getting tossed at me and striking me right in the middle of the chest. Fortunately the force behind them wasn't very strong or the shoes very big, otherwise I would have been writing something a lot different at this moment. Nothing else really adventurous happened today, which considering my job it is a good thing, and even the lazy co-worker wasn't so bad, although she remained very lazy for the most part; can't win them all I suppose. The rest of the evening after work was filled with minor boredom and rest, which was fine by me. I finally saw a film that I have been wanting to see many years now, and although it wasn't anything epic per se, it was quite entertaining. AEon Flux was a relatively diverting film which starred Charlize Theron, which was the main reason why I wanted to see the film. I must admit that she/her character was the best part of the film, and quite intriguing as well. Marton Csokas as Trevor Goodchild was a fantastic idea, as he is usually quite something to watch on screen. The plot and story line were for the most part quite original and well done, although there were also a few glitches here and there that didn't come across very good. Over all I think that I'll give it an "Admirable Ability," it was rather entertaining and enjoyable and I might even watch it again, and I would even recommend it to other people. I just wouldn't watch it very often. Well, that's about it, although right now I am watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and the episode has a very young Ashley Judd; wow she wasn't always good at acting like most of the cast of the science fiction series. Anyways, have a good weekend everyone as I work and try to dodge all potentially incoming objects.

Aeon Flux Trailer

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