Thursday, March 22, 2012

"I See You."

Almost after 3 years I have finally watched the film Avatar again after seeing it so long ago back when it first came out. I was actually still working at Seattle's Best Coffee as a barrista, boy I am so very thankful that job ended and at least I have the one I have now. Which by the way, I received a lovely raise according to my boss last Monday. And that issue at work that I thought that I might have most likely will be nothing, so hopefully when I return to work tomorrow everything will be mostly as I left it. Back to the film. Visually it is as brilliant as I remember it, but the story and plot annoyed me this time around. I get the whole we are one with nature thing, but James Cameron painted such a dark picture of humanity and for some odd reason linked technological advances and machinery with evil. People/individuals are what can make anything evil, can being the keyword there. I know Mr. Cameron wants to save the oceans along with most of the Hollywood elite, but how about we save the people on this planet, and then perhaps with right thinking we will begin to have right actions as well which might keep the environment on this planet in good shape. That is my soap box speech for tonight. It was still entertaining, but the absence of 3-D and a big screen really was a minus. So why may you ask did I wait so long to watch it again, especially after I owned it for so long? Well I finally got a nice sound system for my television today, which along with the television and Bluray player I have made for the best viewing experience that I could have gotten outside a theatre. I also finally obtained a new laptop computer as well, which is what I am typing this on at the moment. I figured that it was about time to update since I am going to wait on the tablets to come down in price and get better technologically. And after all I can't play any of my games or CD's on a tablet, so it wasn't quite for me yet. So with hooking up the new sound system and toying with the new laptop I kept myself busy. Didn't get any writing done unfortunately, but that may change with the acquisition of this new....toy of mine. The Samsung sound system that I got (a soundbar) is really great and pumps out a lot of sound and has a few really cool features; it is nice once again to immerse myself into a film more fully after having an absence for a while. For me, not having surround sound while watching a film takes away negatively from the experience. Anyways. Tomorrow I return to work fully energized and read to take on the crazy SED's! I write that now, but probably won't be thinking it tomorrow.

Avatar Documentary

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