Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I do not really know too much behind the celebration of this day; St. Patrick's Day, but I know it has something to do with Ireland, and Irish mythology, but that's about it. Now my day was not full of luck, but it wasn't that bad either. Many of the SED's almost had blow outs, but I dodged so many bullets I was even amazed with how well things went, when they could have gone south so very fast. Okay so my day was therefore okay with nothing really extraordinary happening. It rained and rained pretty much all day, which is the kind of weather I love, but it was difficult for the SED's since they couldn't get outside and run off all of that internalized anger and energy. Also, it adversely affected drivers and their ability to pilot their vehicles while it was raining. The way in which people were driving, particularly how slow they were going you'd think that it was sleeting, or that ice and snow were on the roads. I got home though, relaxed, and will hopefully have a splendid night of sleeping. Take care everyone, and have a good weekend. Hope all of ya have all of the luck in the world shine down upon you.

New Trailer for Prometheus. Looks similar to Aliens but still looks really good and interesting, hope it really is that way.

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