Sunday, March 11, 2012

Changing of the Time.

Well like every year I forgot about the time change, despite remembering before I went to bed. It remains a mystery to me, but I was able to sleep in I suppose being the silver lining to that cloud. My job once again clarified to me today that I need to find other employment. Aside from taking care of severely emotionally disturbed children, I also have to keep the cottage clean, and now I have to help keep the company vehicles clean, which I never use by the way. I feel less of a professional doing these ridiculous, menial tasks which have nothing to do with my primary job description. I try not to complain about my job, which pays me money, but there are moments when you think you think, really? Aside from a few SED's acting a little crazy, rude, defiant, and obnoxious nothing happened thank goodness. These days off coming hopefully will be full of fun relaxing times, although I have a feeling most of it may seem like yanking teeth out. Hope that everyone had an excellent weekend.

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