Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anyone For Chaos?

Well the say seemed like it was going alright. I had a lovely almost 2 hour phone conversation with me mum where we almost solved all of the world's problems, but we weren't able to figure out how to lower oil prices. Work was going well for such a long time, minus a few bumps and bruises, but then at 7pm nearly three of the SED girls suddenly all go off and become assaultive, acting crazy, destruction of property; all of those "lovely" things that crazy kids do. I was clueless about this happening for a while since they were outside and I was inside with the SED's who were doing fantastically. After that the rest of the evening went well. Oh you want to hear something so gross that you might vomit while you read it? Well, a couple of days ago (Friday night I think) this one SED girl was bashing her head against the wall or something (she really has nothing going on inside of that head of hers; truly) and then she began to profusely bleed. As everyone was working to help her stop the bleeding, the SED took it upon herself to rip part of her menstrual pad and stuff it inside of her nose to stop the bleeding. Apparently it worked, as the bleeding stopped shortly after that. Be very thankful your children aren't like this, and that you don't have to work amongst this clientele. Thank God I only have one more day until my "Friday!"

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