Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Patriot.

At first my day began with updating my computer operating system (Windows) which took over an hour; to say the least it wasn't what I had expected. All I wanted to do was install the new internet explorer, but first I had to update Windows; I thought it would be quick and easy, but it wasn't that way. After I thought (by now an hour and fifteen minutes plus had gone by) it was installed and then I could get on with my morning, it said that it had failed to update and was reverting back to the way the system was before the update began. This took another lump of time, and then getting fed up with the whole bloody process as my screen was blank I restarted my computer. Bad idea. For a few minutes my computer did nothing except get so far booting up and then restart. Before I thought all was lost I grabbed the operating disc and slipped it in and was able to boot up the system from that and initiate some sort of file recovery and get the blood machine working. To say the least, I hated Microsoft, then I was thankful they made it relatively easy for me to solve the problem. It comes from all of those years back when I use to toy with the computer operating system MS. DOS for those of you who remember the far more simpler days of running a computer. After that I got on with my day and all that was in it. Don't you hate overbooking social engagements. I did it last week with a friend and completely forgot until she called me about it last night, but being in the middle of a desperate battle with India nothing really registered until this morning when I looked up at my calendar. Life sucks sometimes. The evening went well, and upon returning at home I decided to watch The Patriot since I have been watching this documentary on the American Revolutionary War. It was surprised how many historical inaccuracies the film had, including how brutal the British were depicted and how nice the American colonials were also depicted. Hey it made for a great film, and who could forget John Williams' brilliant theme. The big Academy Award Nominations are tonight with the nominees for Best Director: Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist), Alexander Pyane (The Descendants), Martin Scorsese (Hugo), Woody Allen (Midnight in Paris), and Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life). It's obvious that The Artist will win the Oscar, but personally I think The Descendants should get it; now it comes down to which one of the "the titles" will win best director. Work again begins tomorrow, but I really hope that this weekend calmer heads will prevail and no biting, spitting, punching, kicking, or screaming will reign dominant from the SED's.

John Williams' The Patriot Theme


  1. I do love that movie...but, you're so right, a LOT of historical inaccuracies. And perhaps not the truest presentation of the colonials. But, hey, it's Hollywood so who cares???

    1. Too true. Entertainment that is well done, is better than bad entertainment done well. If that makes any sense. :)