Thursday, February 23, 2012


The Oscars are about three days away, and I have more nominees than days left so I'm going to be tripling and doubling up a little to squeeze them all in before this Sunday. However, before I get to anything else I will share the answers of the word jumbles that I posted yesterday in the same order: Giant, Rural, Lotion, Valley, Panda, Moose, Figure, Tackle. Perhaps you were better at these than I am; I got quite a few but I swore up and down that several of them couldn't have been intelligible words, obviously I don't know my ordinary English words very well. Today actually flew by relatively quickly. I went to a goodbye party for a client that was discharged today to go home and live with his family. I made him some brownies and wrote him a note; he had excellent humor and a brilliant imagination which I hopes he puts to a productive and positive use. I think I might actually miss this one rather then being stuck with the SED that threatens to kill everybody. Spoke with me mum for a bit and caught up, although I swear that I was doing all of the talking and she was just listening, which is a bit of a switch for us. Can't believe it's the last full week of February and then next week tomorrow is March. Time will not relent. So one of the Oscar categories for tonight is Best Original Song: "Man or Muppet" (The Muppets) and "Real in Rio" (Rio). Ummm....well there are only two nominees for some odd reason and both of them are from children's films; I think I'm going to pass and say that I don't care. Some how the Academy let the ball fall on this category; what a shameful disappointment. Another category is Best Animated Short Film: Dimanche/Sunday, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, La Luna, A Morning Stroll, and Wild Life. I love short films, but I have no idea where you would even find these to watch which is real shame because there is a lot of good talent that creates these. I'm going to go with The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore as my winning choice, and La Luna to win it. The next Category is Best Live Action Short Film: Pentecost, Raju, The Shore, Time Freak, and Tuba Atlantic. Well..... short titles for short films I suppose. Raju sounds really interesting so I'm going to choose that one as my choice, and Tuba Atlantic as the Academy's choice. Back to work tomorrow formally; should be a good two days and then......The Oscars!! I haven't seen them broadcast like this for years, and Billy Crystal is hosting so it should definitely be a good show. Have a good weekend everyone.

Pixar's new film Brave. Looks interesting.

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