Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'll Give You Taxes!!!!!

Yes today was the day that I filed my income taxes for federal and state governments, and I was blessed to come out with a sizable chunk of change which I'm going to invest. It was nice to get it out of the way quickly, and it didn't even take that long fortunately. I remember the first time that I did it; it took me forever because I was so worried that I was going to make a mistake, but now things go much smoother. Before I did all of that though, I went and saw the film The Woman In Black. I was curious and very interested to see how Daniel Radcliffe would do apart from the Harry Potter franchise; I wasn't disappointed to say the least in many regards. His performance was excellent, and the film was definitely......scary, creepy, and almost a little too dark for my taste. There were two moments during the film where all of the hair on me stood upright for a few seconds and I'm sure I didn't breathe; my facial expression would have been priceless. It was the same feeling of sorts that I get when I go down roller coasters; those were some intense scary moments. So if you like getting freaked out really good, then this film does it fantastically. See it in the theatre though to get scared really good; I think it had something to do with the large screen which amplified the scariness taking place on-screen. The Clone Wars Tuesdays continue with......"The Box." Yes this next episode had quite the....title I suppose, although the action taking place during the episode wasn't quite as trite. Basically a bunch of bounty hunters and assassins are gathered together for a test to single out the lame ones and acquire the best ones for an assignment to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine. The action was good, and things were thought out quite inventively. In terms of episode layers, these four episodes are lining up nicely into something rather cool and entertaining ending most likely in something quite climactic and dramatic (at least I hope so). The next episode sees everything unfold to the last. I will only briefly touch on this subject which has been frustrating me maddeningly ever since it has been occurring; the Syrian civil crisis. While Europe and the U.S. decide on how best to get Assad out of power, his army has killed almost 6,000 people and the number continues to rise every day. China and Russia have blocked the U.N. Security Council from doing anything really productive, so nothing is happening, people continue to get massacred, and the crisis is getting worse and worse. China & Russia are nervous about ousting another dictator like they did in a way with Libya, and rightly so because their governments might be next. The dictatorial government is becoming an endangered specie; hopefully soon they all will be extinct. Everyone in the world should pray that Assad takes the high road and abandons his office, or that the western powers will get off their greedy, lazy backsides and do something for the people that really need some help. That is the end of my soap box segment for tonight. Moving on to the nominees for those who are contending for Oscar for Best Original Screenplay: Michael Hazanavicius (The Artist), Kristen Wiig & Annie Mumlo (Bridesmades), J.C. Chandor (Margin Call), Woody Allen (Midnight In Paris), and Ashgar Farhadi (A Separation). Now, what makes this difficult is that I haven't seen any of the films nominated, but of what I've seen and heard I would like Ashgar Farhadi to win for A Separation. It is an Iranian film, and from the preview a rather fascinating one at that. I also believe that film will get the award; call it a sixth sense, but considering everything that happened and is happening, it seems to politically fit. So there was my full day, and a little bit of relaxing was thrown in along with some deliciously baked chicken. A good first day off.

The Woman In Black trailer.

The new Spider-man trailer. This version of the web slinging superhero actually looks really, really good. I cannot wait to see it.

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