Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day.

Well to all of those lovers and kind hearted souls this is your day; for those of us who are melancholy, glass is half empty today was just another day. I began the day with a blast. Of course I have been itching to see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace since it was released in theatres this past Friday, and it was quite an experience seeing it in 3-D, actually it was quite something seeing it on the big screen again after almost thirteen years. I remember the first time I saw it. I must have been....around 13 years old at the time; my sister Paula was calling on the phone to the theatre getting the times for the film while she was baby sitting a couple of boys (I was with her for some odd reason I can't remember). Eventually us two and my sister Cindy went to the theatre to see it after telling my oldest sister Christina that we were going to the library (you see growing up we were forbidden to go to the movies). Anyways once we arrived at the theatre and got our tickets, low and behold there was my sister's boyfriend (Andrew) and a friend of his (Bob). At the time my sister and the two gentlemen acted as if it was a coincidence that all of us were there at the same time, but later on I found out that wasn't the case. Anyways after first starting out in the wrong theatre room, we found the right one and waited for the film to begin. Once the music started and the script rolled down the screen I was hooked to the screen; I didn't look away once (according to my sister's boyfriend and her it was quite funny to see). Once it was all over, we were the only ones that stayed for the credits and heard the Vader breathing, we parted ways and returned home with our story. My sister was really bummed though that she didn't get to see Darth Maul cut in half as her boyfriend distracted her. However, our older sister didn't buy our story and proceeded to tell our mother that something was up. Considering I was the youngest, most naive and idealistic, she began interrogating me. Of course at that age I couldn't withstand my mother's profound interrogation techniques and caved in and spilled my guts. My two sisters and I got grounded for...how ever long it ended up being. The irony of that whole situation is three years later I took my oldest sister, and my mother both separately to see Attack of the Clones. Anyways, the 3-D in The Phantom Menace was fairly good; I think it could have been far better than it was. George Lucas and I disagree about the purpose of 3-D; he likes it to add depth, I like it for it's immersive qualities of being able to suck in the viewer as if he or she is actually in the action of the film. Digital Yoda was awesome, of course the climactic lightsaber battle with Darth Maul was totally sweet, and I just saw all kinds of incredible details that I'd never noticed before. It was nice. It wasn't awe-inspiring since I have seen it many times, but it was a brilliant reminder of good times and why I love this saga so much. For your Oscar pleasure tonight we have the nominees for Best Art Direction: The Artist, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallow Pt.2, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, and War Horse. Based on what I've seen I think Hugo should get the award, although I believe Midnight in Paris will actually win the award. Back to The Phantom Menace for a moment, I found something interesting while watching it. Just like the violence and political situation in Syria is spiraling out of control, and bodies of government intervention like the U.N. & the E.U. find themselves figuring out how to deal with the matter by discussing possible solutions in a committee as China and Russia buy time for Assad to get his house in order. This to me seems very similar to what the Trade Federation does to the Naboo and how the Republic attempts to try and use political methodology to deal with an obvious invasion and war like situation where action is clearly needed, and in the end is what solves the solution, otherwise it would have been prolonged and drawn out with neither side really probably winning. Sound familiar? It might if you are keeping up with what it happening in Syria. For Clone Wars Tuesdays today we have the end of quadrilogy "Crisis on Naboo." The bounty hunters getting ready to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine. It was actually well done with a good bit of action and mystery to it all, but I'm still confused why Dooku would want to kidnap his own master, and why Darth Sidious would even come up with the plan. It would have been nice to see what Dooku was trying to accomplish and why Darth Sidious hatched the plan, but other than that it was a good finale to the four episode story arc. You got to see Anakin angry at the notion of being kept in the dark by the Jedi Council, which was a nice touch. Okay I think I have yacked enough for tonight. I will continue to enjoy my days off and hopefully finish that short story this week.

"Crisis on Naboo" Clone Wars Preview

Trailer for "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter." Very odd, weird, and I don't know what the former U.S. President would think of being a vampire slayer.

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