Monday, February 27, 2012

Frittatas & Omlettes.

Well work went very well, aside from a few odd bumps along the way. It rained fairly hard out here in not so sunny San Diego at the moment, which was very lovely, although I wasn't a big fan of the cold that accompanied it. As for the title, it is a new "joke" of sorts that I learned from one of my co-workers tonight; it actually had us all rolling in laughter. The bad part of the day came when I got back to my apartment and found out that my old, wretched roommate racked up an unpaid bill of about $7,000 at where I used to live with him before I moved to where I am currently now, and somehow my name ended up on the collection agency's radar. So it is going to be interesting to see what is up when I call them tomorrow; I'm kind of rattled honestly so hopefully there is a logical explanation for it all that will easily clear me out of the way. I need lots of prayers and positive thoughts pointed my direction right now. So I'm going to snack on something, read a book, and hopefully get some sleep. All of you people enjoy your week as I hopefully enjoy my days off.

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