Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Birthdays of Smallest to Greatest.

First of all Happy Birthday to my sister Cindy; may she have a lovely day, a lovely time with her new family, and many more joyous birthdays to come. Secondly, happy birthday to George Washington; the United States of America's first President, and the Commander and Chief of the army that got this great nation through the Revolutionary War. Without him, it is dubious that America would be the place that it is today. So today was quite productive although I didn't get any writing accomplished. I spoke with two of my sisters both totaling about two hours, and then I was doing some financial work. A little later I did some play though, and made myself a rather hearty dinner. Fortunately for the most part I didn't feel ridiculously sick, although instead of drowning myself in tea I drowned myself in water. In paper a few days ago a puzzle of sorts caught my eye; word jumbles. These were the words I tried to unscramble: AGNIT, ARRUL, INLOOT, LYALVE, DANAP, OMEOS, RIUFEG, KECTAL. All of them are ordinary English words, nothing fancy; I was mostly unsuccessful to my grievous irritation, but it made so much sense when I saw the answers the following day. I will share the answers tomorrow, unless you found all of them by then. For some reason I felt like watching The Phantom of the Opera today, which I just recently got on Bluray. I must admit that the image looks much crisp and sharper on this format than standard DVD; I'm thankful my friend lost my DVD copy. You see, sometimes good things happen when bad things occur; you just have to see beyond the crap. I really enjoyed the music that Andrew Lloyd Webber created, and even though the film was good (cinematography was astoundingly breathtaking), there were definitely things I would have done differently. It was a lovely distraction for a while though; I guess that's what films are supposed to be anyways. One of my favorite Academy Award nominations is featured tonight......Best Original Score: John Williams (The Adventures of Tintin), Ludovic Bource (The Artist), Howard Shore (Hugo), Alberto Iglesias (Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy), and John Williams (War Horse). Below are samples from all five films. Well, I have listened to a bit of all of them and I think that Alberto Iglesias should get it for his work, which was good although not really much to my liking. I think John Williams and Howard Shore have won enough Oscars for now, but Ludovic Bource will most likely snag it for The Artist. Well there it is everyone; I'm beginning to suddenly feel like crap as I continue to cough and sound like the old hack that I act like. Have a fantastic evening, day, and night.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy by Alberto Igliesias

Snowy's Theme by John Williams

The Reunion by John Williams

The Chase by Howard Shore

The Artist Overture by Ludovic Bource

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