Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And The Rain Came Down.

It was lovely. It was for the most part cloudy all day and rained all day. At one point I sat my chair down in front of my living room window, turned on some relaxing "rain like" music and watched it for about a half hour or so. This kind of weather I just love; I really don't fully understand why, but it is just relaxing and beautiful to me. Not to mention, it is better than snow/freezing rain, super hot/dry heat, humid & muggy weather, or so cold it can't even snow. I personally like thunderstorms, but those don't happen very often in San Diego; not enough humidity I think. Anyways. Today was a whole lot more relaxing than yesterday, which therefore means it was a whole less unproductive as well. I managed to get more writing done though, but remained unfinished with the short story. It's turning out to be longer than I anticipated, but that's a good thing. Perhaps I'll be finished with it tomorrow, perhaps not. Over the weekend when I was experiencing some internet difficulties, or I suppose it was before, I watched this film called Snow White: A Tale of Terror. Aside from Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neil everyone else was unknown. I thought with the emergence of interest with the Snow White Tale, that it would be interesting to see what this one was all about, not to mention that I like Sigourney Weaver and Sam Neil. Actually the film was rather dreadful; with the exception of Ms. Weaver as the wicked Queen, everyone else was rather annoying. She however played a wicked queen masterfully and beautifully; there was magic, but it was ever so subtle. I wouldn't recommend anyone to see it. It had a lot of potential, but fell miserably flat; I can say that it was relatively entertaining though despite coming across as very cheesy at times. The Snow White character was quite annoying. Anyways. The Academy Award Nominees for Best Costume Design are: Lisy Christl (Anonymous), Mark Bridges (The Artist), Sandy Powell (Hugo), Michael O'Connor (Jane Eyre), and Arianne Philips (W.E.). If you've paid attention to this category it always seems to be the period films that win the award on the average, and this is for good reason in my personal opinion. Therefore I think Anonymous should win the award, but The Artist will likely continue it's predominance throughout this category as well and obtain the award which doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve it, but I remain with my opinion where it lies. It's hard to believe that I only have one more day off left; it only seems like the other day that I was getting bitten. Well I suppose I will just have to be prudent with my time tomorrow.

Snow White: A Tale of Terror trailer (and yes it is a made for TV film).

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