Sunday, February 26, 2012

And The Oscar Goes To..............

Before I get started let me say that yes I called in sick primarily so I could watch the Academy Awards, but I also was actually sick as well so it worked out after all. Fortunately when my guest arrived, I was able to speak somewhat in a normal voice and I didn't feel like crap like I had been feeling like in the morning. Yes the day was lovely and I was busy making preparations for the big night. My chicken fajitas turned out masterfully, and my home made angel food cake (not using even a mix) was divine. The company was great, and the entertainment was....surprising to say the least. Overall my predictions were half correct with The Artist being dominant, but I was unexpectedly surprised when Hugo kept receiving award after award. Eventually whenever it was nominated in a category, I just called it and it mostly won, at least when The Artist wasn't present. That threw me for a loop that such a film was snagging up the awards; 5 in all, with Hugo taking 5 Oscars as well. I cheered when Meryl Streep won the Oscar for Best Actress, smiled when Christopher Plummer won Best Supporting Actor, cheered again when A Separation won Best Foreign Film, and cursed the screen again when Jean Dujardin won for Best Actor for his work in The Artist. Overall it was an excellent Oscar show, thanks of course to Billy Crystal hosting (it always seems to be a fantastic show when he hosts). For the most part the fashion for both men and women was rather nice; Christopher Plummer being perhaps the best dressed man and Cameron Diaz perhaps being the best dressed least in my opinion. Cirque du Soleil performed a remarkable number, no songs were sung from the nominees (which wasn't odd considering the selection) so that was a little unusual. There were a lot of good comedic moments, the best being of course from Will Ferrell and Zack Galifianakis who both carried a pair of cymbals while delivering their presentation of nominees in the category of Best Original Song; it was perhaps the best moment of the entire show I believe. Here's some more things that I thought and noticed throughout the show: a lot of the women were trending very short hair, or hair that was done up (for lack of technical language), Angelina Jolie is deathly anorexic looking (poor woman; Brad Pitt should feed her more), speeches were shorter and much more enthusiastic (not as boring and longwinded as they used to be), and thankfully politics were kept out of the show aside from one very short, but funny jab to the Republican Presidential Nominees. All in all it was a very lovely evening, aside from my very rude and loud neighbors creating enough racket so that I had to turn the volume up on my television and pound on the wall to get them to stop being so noisy, which didn't help because they just pounded multiple times back. Anyways. I am very thankful I had the day off to rejuvenate, heal, and enjoy myself along with this event which is my "Superbowl" for me, due to my love of film. Tomorrow I work again though, but then I have three days off, which will be immeasurably needed. Oh, my updated map for the second edition of The Curse of a Warrior has been completed along with a few other things that I will be shipping off to the publisher on Tuesday. Progress is coming along, and soon I will be assigned a cover artist. That will be so much fun! Have a great night everyone, and if you missed the Oscars, missed quite a show.

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