Monday, February 13, 2012

Absences & War.

Technology is a double edged sword. It is very helpful, but also can be very stressful and a royal pain in the backside. After chatting up a storm with Cox internet service technicians over the weekend about my problematic internet connection I finally got a date with a technician today, which didn't show of course before I went to work. They called me numerous times though once I was at work, but since I don't carry my phone on me I didn't get of any it until hours later after the fact. They were sorry that they missed me; I was fit to be tied of course, but for some God blessed reason my internet seems to be working fine so far knock on wood. My blogging absence over the weekend has been because of that, so I apologize. Work has been hellish. Two SED's were completely nuts all of Saturday, and almost all of Sunday; this involved restraints, light fixtures being yanked down from the ceiling, biting, spitting, scratching, kicking such foul language and violent gestures that it would drive the average person, unequipped to deal with it, mad which I almost became. I am physically exhausted from the weekend, and today this one SED got hold of my wrist and went to town on it with his teeth. Fortunately he didn't break any skin, but the red puffy marks tell their own story nonetheless. This SED also tried to strangle himself, beat his head against the wall and window, and tried to swallow stuff so that he would choke and die. This was my early evening between 3:15pm-4:30pm, and then he calmed down and was pretty chill the rest of the evening. I am skimming over so many interesting details of my work weekend, but that is short and quick of it all; stay out of mental health if you never want to experience what I just related. And it gets worse the older people get; this SED was 9 years old by the way and he was quite adamant about killing himself and trying to hurt and or kill me as well when he realized that I wouldn't allow him to harm himself. Now I have my days off, and I intend to rest and relax a lot. For tonight our Oscar Nominations for Best Cinematography are: Guillaume Schiffman (The Artist), Jeff Cronenweth (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), Robert Richardson (Hugo), Emanuel Lubezki (The Tree of Life), and Janusz Kaminski (War Horse). Okay, so I've only seen The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo but I've seen enough of the others to know how best to select. I really liked The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo with it's dark edginess and bleak Swedish countryside. However, there was something about Hugo which was equally appealing in its presentation which made the film seem mechanically surreal. I a

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