Wednesday, February 1, 2012

25 Days Begins.

25 days of Oscar excitement begins, and then on Sunday February 26th we shall see what happens. To start it all off we have the nominees for Best Picture: The Artist, The Descendants, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Help, Hugo, Midnight in Paris, Moneyball, The Tree of Life, and War Horse. Of the 9 nominees I have seen only Moneyball and really liked it, therefore it is hard for me to choose what I would like to see win and what I think will actually win, but here it goes. I would like Moneyball to win, but I have a feeling that The Artist is going to snag the Oscar; it sounds artsy, and has the right title for an Oscar win. Next time is Best Actor. Aside from doing a little shopping today, I went and saw the film Red Tails. That was a fantastic film! I gave it a "Strong Ability" and boy did it deserve it. The finest war film I have seen in a long time that isn't pure drama or from the Nazi/German perspective. I highly recommend everyone see it; I even sniffled a little bit throughout the film. Oh yeah, 13 more days until Valentine's day. Good luck all of you who are attached romantically to someone. This is a terrible transition, but I was reading my newspaper today and came across a story about a man who had molested children in L.A. which included photographing, videotaping them, putting cockroaches on them, and spoon feeding them........what authorities believe to be his semen. At that point I set the newspaper down, closed my eyes and prayed for those children. It took me a few moments to shake off the disgust, but I couldn't return to reading that story what happened to those children was way to heavy for even me to read about and subject my thoughts to. It's hard to imagine that the man was a teacher for like 26 years; God only knows how many people's lives he annihilated. Men like that are what the lowest levels of Hell are for. Although this may seem completely trivial in comparison to what I was just writing about, I saw a spot for The Phantom Menace while I was at the theatre and it was so surreal to see many of the scenes from the film on the big screen again after 13 years almost. I remember that film going experience quite vividly; my eyes were glued to the screen, but I'll share the rest in about a week as it is quite the humorous story. God bless and watch out for all of you.

Red Tails trailer.

First Official picture from the new James Bond film Skyfall.

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