Monday, January 9, 2012


I have made it passed another weekend at work! Now comes the celebrating, relaxation, and more working. Hopefully this week I will get some more writing done, but considering what I have planned and going on, probably not very likely. Work went very well today, which was surprisingly nice, but I'm so cynical that I'm thinking that it is the calm before the storm. I'd like to say thank you to my co-worker Jill who got me a lovely birthday present and offered very kind and generous words about me. I'd also like to thank my mother who sent me a great big old portion of her home made carmel corn (which is to die for). Yes my birthday is tomorrow and I will be turning into an older man, or as I like to put it "wiser." Well I hope that everyone has a splendid work week.

My co-worker, Olympia, introduced me to these two gentlemen who play New Age like music, but also classical music with a modern flair called "The Piano Guys." I'm impressed and their music has a new...edge and energy to it. You should check it out if you find any of that kind of music pleasurable.

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