Monday, January 30, 2012

Such As It Is.

Work wasn't too bad, and my angel food cake with strawberries for my writing group went over very well. For part of my shift I was with some of the older boys of the facility, and wow the things that came out of their mouths about shocked me. Perhaps I am so old fashioned where I consider it monstrously obscene for 11 and 12 year boys to be talking about sex, innuendos, and sexual violence while laughing and joking. I really hope that is not the average kid in America, although I think one of the boys was acting that way to look cool to the other boy. Adolescence is ridiculous, whether or not you're severely emotionally disturbed. I was also trying to keep this one maniac of an SED from beating anyone up, including me, which was fun. Thankfully that part of my evening didn't last too long, but long enough to make me miss where I usually work. Three days off; hopefully I can make them count.

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