Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Something Accomplished.

There I did it finally. I posted something on my website besides a film review, and although it is part of an ongoing series, I enjoyed writing it nonetheless. The Sword and the Shield: Divide and Conquer is the latest chapter/episode/story of my Modern War Story series, and the more I write it the more it all is shaping up. For those coming in late to the game, I am writing a bunch of stories from different characters and perspectives that wars affect and shape that take place in the modern era. Conflicts such as Iraq, Afghanistan, terrorists, and everything that is a part of that nasty business (although it can be necessary at times). I'm hoping readers not only find it delightful reading, but also enlightening and thought provoking which is why I write them. I don't like people being one sided about such important issues as armed conflict; I want everyone to know why they support which ever side that they do, and be able to understand and consider the other side's perspective. That wasn't the only thing that I did today though, but it was the only productive thing that I did. I was going to do some other things but procrastinated them for tomorrow's worries. Now that I think of it, today was actually quite boring. All of the excitement is most likely going to happen tomorrow as it usually does, being the last day before I return to work. Oh well, that's just the way things go. Have a good night and good day everyone.

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