Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ordinary Craziness.

These past two days of work and what not have been filled with the garden variety disturbed children threatening to kill their peers and of course us the staff because we are so "rude & mean." I also had many insult thrown at me, and there was one point where an SED really got under my skin and it was so hard to not show it. This one particular SED also has an older brother who 18 years old who is apparently diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic, not to mention having fantasies of seeing dead people while enjoying the possible thought of inflicting pain. Oh this person, recently getting out of juvenile detention, wants to start his own prison gang which would revolve around white supremacy ideology. The SED boy that I work with looks up to and admires his older brother very much, not to mention the mother of both boys has declared how similar the younger one is to the older. Fills you with such warm and happy feelings inside doesn't it. I swear a major portion of the crimes committed in the United States are done by the type of kids that I work with, once they've had on opportunity to grow up a little bit and are capable of inflicting violent, yet deadly damage. Well, sadly no really good stories besides that one so stay tuned for the next couple of days. Aside from acting really weird, the SED's tend to behave (at least the boys) while I am there; lucky them. Have a good weekend everyone.

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