Thursday, January 26, 2012

Not Quite How I Thought.

It's interesting how you go to sleep thinking something and then you wake up in the morning and completely change your mind about what you were going to do that day. There were several things that I had planned to do today, but one by one I crossed them off my to do list. The more I think about my decisions, the more I am thankful that I didn't do what I thought that I was going to do. I don't know how many of you make choices and what not without properly thinking them through, but I tend to think very slowly and thoughtfully and make decisions even more slowly. For the most part my rational and slow way of thinking and deciding has kept me from getting into a world of trouble and making a lot of poor or bad decisions, which I don't care what Hollywood says or how popular media portrays it oftentimes; going with the flow and going whatever that comes your ways isn't fun, especially in the long run. That is my philosophy soap box for the night, although it was probably more rambling than anything. One of the things that I wanted to do was make chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache, and although I haven't made the ganache yet (they are still cooling) the cupcakes turned out deliciously. They're for dessert for the dinner party that I am hosting at my place tomorrow; one of my friends is cooking and she's making chicken with pesto. I can't wait to eat it! That didn't take all day, and although I did chat with my mum for a bit, I actually spent a lot of time.....taking over the world in Empire Total War the computer strategy game. I swear the bloody game is like hypnotism, and even though it is a whole lot of fun, I must admit that I have been allowing myself to play it a little too much lately. I think part of my brain is still on vacation from working like a madman to finish that last project, which I will hopefully be revealing any day now what it was. Stay tuned for the.....well....I guess surprise of sorts. Gotta love the confident enthusiasm on my part. Work tomorrow again throughout the weekend; pray that the SED's remain in school, and that I don't walk into anything too crazy. Thanks.

A very intriguing film starring Glenn Close that tackles a very hot topic, especially for the era in which it is taking place.

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