Sunday, January 8, 2012

Not Bad.

I was quite tired last night, and didn't have much to write about so I left it blank and went to bed actually quite early. I slept in rather late; I suppose my body needed it, not to mention that it was quite cold this morning which helped me want to remain in bed. I watched the film The African Queen while I read the Sunday newspaper. I had forgotten how much I loved that film; Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn were amazing together, and the film actually looked visually clean. I guess it was the restoration process that they did to it a couple years ago, but it wasn't grainy or static like with any lines going through the film. I highly recommend it to all film goers young and old. Work went quite well, aside from a few SED's acting crazily hyper and strange, but after all I do work with that population so I shouldn't be surprised when I run into stuff like that. So there it was. I'm rather sleepy again so I think I'm going to turn in and see how my work day tomorrow goes.

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