Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Hunted Come Full Circle.

I remember the first time that I ever saw Underworld. It was back when it was originally released in 2003; me and my sister Paula saw it in the threatre, and then she went into work to pick something up and her boss fired her. She took it pretty hard, but it was a good thing as her boss was a nut (and yes that can be technical psychological term) and the job was a complete dead end for her. Anyways. After we saw that film both of us had a new appreciation for a different type of vampire, and we have loved the film franchise ever since. The first remains my favorite, but I really enjoyed Rise of the Lycans. Underworld: Evolution was good, but not entirely to my liking. So now that the fourth one is coming out, it should be interesting to see where this new one, Underworld: Awakening goes. This is why I'm going to be watching all of the old ones; feeling rather nostalgic and refreshing my memory about the story line and details. So since yesterday was my birthday and I was busy and what not I was unable to post about the latest Clone Wars episode. The latest one "Escape from Kadavo" isn't telling at all. It is the last episode in the Zygerrian Slave trilogy, and this episode was perhaps the better of the three, although I wasn't a fan overall of the three episodes. It was an interesting concept to explore with Anakin's character and background as once being a slave, but I don't think they articulated it well enough. Yet again, here I am an adult critiquing essentially a children's animated show on character development, plot, and depth of emotional writing; maybe that's not such a productive idea. There was plenty of good action, and our favorite Sith lords even made an appearance. I personally would like to see Darth Sidious appear a little more often, but that is just me; I'd like to see my most favorite Sith lord of all time have more screen time. I did get a little bit of writing done. I was sitting down and attempting to think of what to write, and my mind kept drifting back to my Modern War Stories. I wanted to write something else besides that, but eventually I gave in and began writing another episode. This one is going to be heart-warming, but very heart wrenching as well; at least that is what I am going for. All in all it was a very good and relaxing day for tomorrow I will be quite busy. It's weird; when I am socially active it all happens at once, I can't ever seem to spread it out. I guess I should work on that.

I saw this and found it humorous. If you haven't seen any of the older Star Wars films then you might not get it, but if you have then it is possible you'll get quite a laugh.

Clone Wars episode "Escape From Kodavo" preview.

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