Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"How Much do You Weigh?"

That is of course a rhetorical question and is a quote from the film that I watched tonight Wild Target. Now I hadn't a clue about this film until I came across it while surfing through some Netflix films, but when I saw that Billy Nighy and Emily Blunt were in the film I knew that I had to see it. It turned out to be a comedy although I thought it was going to be suspenseful, but I liked it and found it quite amusing for a British comedy, which had some other big names in it like Rupert Grint (Ron from Harry Potter), Rupert Everett, Eileen Atkins, and Martin Freeman (Bilbo in The Hobbit). There were some odd parts to it, but Emily Blunt and Bill Nighy were to die for and not quite what you would expect; Rupert Grint was....interesting, although I would like to see him play something a little more serious and substantive. There is a good amount of room for growth though. Overall I'll give the film an "Admirable Ability," I think it was good enough to watch again, and I had quite a few  laughs, but there were times when I certainly wasn't laughing. Can't win them all, but I think the general world public might like it. I had a busy day going grocery shopping and doing some laundry while also trying to get some rest as well.  I made myself some delicious tacos and ate way too many of them; I thought that I was going to explode after dinner, but that might have been all of the gummy worms as well. Everyone get ready for a shock.......I actually got some writing done today at last! Unfortunately I was unable to finish the project, but hopefully I will be able to do that tomorrow and continue to once again add to my website short story repertoire. Time to roll out my political soap box once more. I was reading in the Wall Street Journal that the Arab League Monitors came to the conclusion that their presence was unable to stem the tide of violence against civilians. What a shocking conclusion indeed; I wonder when they realized that they weren't accomplishing their assignment? One day into Syria. I have been wondering over the past few weeks what Western Powers haven't intervened in Syria like they did in Libya. I was talking to my co-worker a couple days ago, and she asked for an update in what was happening in the world and I told her how angry I was getting at the situation in Syria. I don't want to admit that the United States invaded Iraq for oil, I don't want to think the same for why we and Europe intervened in Libya, but that is looking to be the answer. Here are at least 3 reasons why Western Powers haven't interfered in Syria yet: (although Assad is doing the same things that Qaddafi was doing) 1-There isn't any oil in Syria, or not much worth fussing over. 2-It is too close to Iran, and Western Powers are wussy confronting that monstrous dictatorship there. And 3-Syria isn't close to Europe like Libya was. David Cameron (British Prime Minister) and Nicholas Sarkozy (French President) were among the staunchest supporters of action in Libya calling it a potential security threat and or crisis. I think it's horrendous that hundreds of innocent people have to die just because those with the power to do something about it are afraid of implementing action. What irritates me essentially is that we did something in Libya, yet why can't we do the same thing in Syria for those people who are suffering? I hate to be trite, but this is when something like G.I. Joe would come in handy. Think about it; an international army/special forces group that takes out dictators and resists extremists without the mountain of red tape. Oh well. That's it, and I roll the soap box away once more. May God continue to be with the people of Syria, and may they find peace, freedom and justice.

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