Thursday, January 19, 2012

Good To Know.

Alas it wasn't the most productive day I've ever experienced, but it wasn't half bad in that regard either. I just finished writing another Modern War StoryThe Sword and the Shield: Moving Beyond the Fallen and I tried to make it pretty heart wrenching. The flow of the story didn't go precisely as I wanted it to go when I originally began writing it, but what can I say; my works have lives of their own and grow and change as they will. I just get to pen it all down, so to speak. I think one is a good one, definitely more relatable since the main characters aren't terrorists or part of some large government. During dinner I watched this one film called Good. It's about a German professor played by Viggo Mortenson who finds himself on the outside of the new German Reich then suddenly finding himself swept up into the movement all the way to becoming part of the SS. It at times is a rather odd film, and I thought that it would touch more upon the theme of Nazi eugenic practices, but it focused more on how the Jews were treated and disposed of with him being caught sort of in the middle since his best friend was a Jew. Jason Isaacs played a German/Jewish psychoanalyst that was lighthearted and vibrant, but that changed when the Nazis began to limit his and other Jews' freedoms. Mark Strong and Stephen Mackintosh had small roles in the film, but it mainly focused on the first two. Jason Isaacs was astounding; he pulled off the dark drama well without being over the top. With Viggo Mortenson, he played it so well; how he was seductively pulled in to the SS and then detached to carry out the Reich's every whim. Very, very fascinating; I now declare that the man can act beyond action films like Lord of the Rings. It was a good film, but not great; the ending was anti-climactic and confusing, although I think I might have an idea what it was about. However, I'm still giving it an "Admirable Ability," Viggo's performance was the best part of the film. Not really for mainstream viewers, but those of you who like different and interesting films with thought provoking ideas will probably enjoy it. Well time for my work weekend, and before I sign off I would like to wish my mother a very happy birthday; she is in fact the best mother in the whole world.

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