Friday, January 6, 2012

Getting a Workout at Work.

Well between all of the restraints, escorts, utterly distressful and foul language, along with getting scratched, bit, kicked, and punched it was a rather long day. It was the hardest day of my employment in almost over a year, but I actually wasn't that stressed out. What I was doing was at times emotionally and physically difficult, but thankfully I was able to pull through it all with nothing personally taken, and only a small cut on my hand to show for any physical damage. Some of the SED's I work with wonder why nobody seems to care about them or want them, yet for some odd reason they cannot or will not connect the dots between their behaviors and the consequences that are attached to them. Such a shame, because many of them are going to repeat their parents' mistakes in far worse ways and methods. So naturally I came home after work and vegetated in my lovely chair watching far too many episodes of Brothers & Sisters, which I actually have only one season left to finish; the season 4 finale was stunningly epic. Should be interesting to see how the final season ends; hopefully no one else dies. Well that was my day in a very short nutshell. It would be so cool if I could record a whole day of what I do at my work and post different segments of it (blurring all of the SED's out of course). I think people would find my line of work quite........fascinating. I am really hoping that tomorrow isn't as chaotic as today, but I am ready for whatever is thrown my long as I don't get sick again.

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