Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Night Feasting.

If words could capture the delight and fantasy of which I partook tonight eating the wonderful food that my friend Adrienne prepared, wow. There would be pictures and video left and right all over this post. However, none could suffice, and I was too busy stuffing my face with the delicious food. My friend made chicken with pesto, which was amazing, and then she also made a pesto sauce with angel hair pasta which was to die for. There was also a salad that had some kind of cheese and a few other things which was so scrumptious. And then there was the decadent dessert I made; chocolate cupcakes with a chocolate ganache. Wow it was exquisite, and the ganache was perfect. I had another friend over and then a co-worker, and together the four of us had a lovely night chatting and eating away. It was a grand night. Work today wasn't that bad either. The clients were relatively well behaved, and I was able to get a few projects at work completed. I was very lucky today, and hopefully that luck holds throughout the weekend. Time for all of that food to digest, and to get some much needed sleep. Excellent food makes for excellent least that is what I am hoping for. Have a good weekend everyone.

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