Sunday, January 1, 2012

The First Day of 2012.

I started off the New Year in two really good ways. First I went to church, and second I watched Star Wars with the SED's at work. I went to church with a friend of mine, and it was good; a little like the Baptist churches of my youth, but with extremely friendly people and a pastor/teacher that can preach quite well. All in all I had a good time. Work went quite well, although I was tired throughout it, but for the most part the SED's behaved well despite them having several tantrums throughout the shift. Oh well, that is why I work there after all; it can't be a complete breeze. I hope that everyone enjoyed their New Year's celebrating, and would like to reiterate that I hope everyone will have a great year. I would like to also remind everyone that the people of Syria need to be on everyone's hearts and minds these days as they fight for their liberty and freedom from the tyrannical forces that are butchering them and attempting to silence their efforts. I will go into that issue more on Tuesday; hopefully the governments of the world will do by then instead of merely just launching words at President Assad. Oh one things that doesn't have to do with anything, except the year "2012." I had this dream last night that these large rocks were falling out of the sky and pummeling the house I was in while in the attic. I ran outside with some members of my family and took shelter under a tree (I know that doesn't make any sense). Large rocks, some on fire some not, were falling from the sky and smashing everything in sight. While that was happening I was trying to persuade myself that what was happening wasn't real and to wake up, which I eventually did but into another dream. After that dream I sort of forced myself to wake up into this reality, and yeah that was the first weird dream of the night. All of that by the way felt so real that in the dream I thought that it was real. Thank goodness none of that actually happened today.

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